Each week I will do a recap of how I did with my predictions the previous weeks football games, and I have to say, week 1 was pretty successful.

QB – Mark Sanchez, NY Jets vs. Buffalo
266 yards and 3 TDs
RB - Alfred Morris, Washington @ New Orleans
96 yards and 2 TDs
WR – Brandon LaFell, Carolina @ Tamp Bay
3 catches for 65 yards and 1 TD
TE – Martellus Bennett, N.Y. Giants vs. Dallas
4 catches for 40 yards and 1 TD
DEF – Denver vs. Pittsburgh
19 points allowed, 5 sacks, 1 Turnover and a TD

Each player scored and that is really all you can hope for. I doubt I can reproduce those picks this week, but let’s see.  Here are the "Sleepers" for Week 2...

QB – Andy Dalton, Cincinnati vs. Cleveland
Dalton did not produce well against Baltimore last week, but cleveland is not Baltimore. Haden is out this week because of suspension, so look for Dalton to get in the swing of things this week against a shotty defense at best. Green will step up and help Dalton get almost 300 yards and 2, maybe, 3 TDs. Start him if you have a decision to make.

RB – Peyton Hillis, Kansas City @ Buffalo
Last week was not a good week for him, or the Chiefs, against Atlanta. Heck, Charles did not do a thing. I see Hillis getting worked in more and should get a few chances at the goal line. If he does not get more carries this week, he will find himself going from sleeper to just plain CUT.
if he can't get it going against Buffalo, you have no use for him on your squad. Look for him to get 75 rushing and maybe 25 through the air, so, 100 total yards and a TD.

WR – Randall Cobb, Green Bay vs. Chicago
With Jennings out tonight, and with McCarthy saying he wants to feed Cobb more, why would you not start him. James Jones is pedestrian at best right now, while Nelson and Finley seem to be ineffective without the up top game, so look for them to go deep a few times to the speedster Cobb deep. I see catches and yards mostly and a chance of a score, look for Cobb to pull in 7 receptions for 80 yards and a possible TD in the Packers offense.

TE – Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota @ Indianapolis
Rudolph has got to prove his worth as a receiving option at some point, and I think this is the week he does it against a pretty bad Colts LB group and weak secondary. ADP is back to keep the LBs and Safeties honest so getting Rudolph the ball is a must this week. He should be a good safety blanket with 6 catches for 70 yards and a TD. Not bad for a waiver wire TE in redraft.

DEF – Washington @ St. Louis
St. Louis is just not a good team to me, the defense is nothing fantastic, and the offense is even worse. They have no real WRs, well they do, they just have not done anything yet. Steven Jackson has slowly been losing a step each year and even though Jeff Fisher took over the team, they still have work to do. Bradford has shown that he has no business being a #1 overall pick and he is an interception queen. I see Washington feasting on this St. Louis offense allowing only 13 points to go along with 4 sacks and 3 turnovers.

Hope this helps you for this week’s games. Good Luck and enjoy Week 2 of the NFL season.