Vanessa Hunt was expecting to spend a relaxing day at the spa with her friend on Saturday in celebration of her birthday. But, what happened while she was there, and her subsequent post about it on Facebook, has been anything but relaxing. Hunt said in a post on Facebook Sunday morning that while she was at M Spa on Saturday celebrating her birthday, she witnessed the owner of the salon berate a woman because her autistic son was crying and her son's behavior was "inappropriate". 

According to Hunt's post, this is how the incident at the spa transpired on Saturday morning:

While we were getting our manicures a mom walked in with her little boy maybe 2 1/2-3 years old. He was NOT happy to be getting a haircut! I laughed because I have totally been there more than once with Jackson. He was such a cute little boy and I told my nail tech about Jackson's first haircut and how he reacted much the same way. He had to sit on his mama's lap for comfort and the hair stylist proceeded to cut his hair. He was crying during it but it didn't bother Jess or I. Heck, the music was still louder than the little boy. All of a sudden a lady stormed into the portion of the spa we were sitting in and proceeded to give the mom a severe tongue lashing and explained how inappropriate her son's behavior was. It got silent in the room besides the woman ranting to the mother. It was seriously painful to watch seeing as I have been there more than once myself and it's very hard when your child is having a tantrum in public. The last thing you need is a woman yelling at you for it. At the conclusion of this woman's tantrum to the mother the mother said through tears, "I'm so sorry, he's autistic". Yup, this woman yelled at a mother and child which is bad enough on it's own just for the mother to reveal her son has special needs on top of being what any 2 1/2-3 year old child might act like when getting a haircut. The poor hairstylist too was like a deer in headlights. The mom cradled her son and left while the stylist followed her. At this moment I was incredibly chocked up. Who could be so heartless? How could someone speak so demeaning to a mother and little boy? Luckily our manicures were done because I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible since this situation left such an awful taste in my mouth. As we were walking out, Jess informed me that the woman was actually the OWNER! Yup, that was the owner who spoke like that to the mom and little boy. I was sickened. Are you kidding me right now?! I mean, I can understand feeling the need to say something since we were at a spa but the way she handled it was completely unprofessional and downright disgusting. I will NEVER go back there! Ever! I hate that I spent $100+ in there yesterday to see what kind of person owned the place. Jess and I walked outside to see the hairstylist finishing the little boy's haircut on the lawn. The mom still crying and cradling her precious son. We hugged her and cried with her too. It was so awful to see this. So heartless. I'm glad I did witness it though so I can speak out against this woman and people like her.

As of the writing of this story, Vanessa's status about the incident has been shared over 24,000 times, has 88 comments, most of which show support for both Hunt and the boy and his mother.

M Spa's Facebook page (which may or may not be the official page for the business) now contains "recommendations" from people all over the country, condemning the owner's reported behavior.