"Game of Thrones" has become such a huge hit because of the HBO series, that people have been creating amazing memes like "Winter is Coming" and my personal favorite:

One character who has become so Meme-eriffic is the huge guy with the tiniest part.  Hodor.  

He can only speak one word, and this seems to have made him everyone's second-favorite character, right behind Tyrion Lannister, of course.

And now you too can communicate like Hodor with the new Hodor Keyboard for Android!  This app replaces your regular on-screen keyboard with a single button that's labeled Hodor! Express your Hodor-ness with this $0.99 app right now!

Hodor hodor hodor HODOR hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor!*

*Some people have ENTIRELY to much time on their hands!

via RichieApps