The Carnival of Madness tour stopped by downtown Grand Rapids this past Thursday (August 23) as part of Rock the Rapids. Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm and Cavo provided a solid night for rock fans to enjoy. Take a look at our photo gallery to re-live the experience or see what you missed.

Due to a strict curfew being enforced, time had to be cut from each band's set, and New Medicine didn't even make the schedule at all for the Grand Rapids date. We found it odd that organizers couldn't have just made gates open earlier like Tuesday night's Uproar Festival. Regardless, that didn't seem to dampen the mood too much. Evanescence were dramatic as ever while they went through cuts from their 2003 debut, Fallen, to their 2011 self-titled disc. Frontwoman Amy Lee's unmistakable voice pierced through the night and she seemed to truly be happy. Check out my interview with Amy Lee hours before Evanescence hit the stage here.

Chevelle and Halestorm were just as impressive during their performances. The former are still riding the success of their sixth studio album, Hats Off to the Bull. Chevelle literally had a menacing bull statue on stage during their set. Lead singer Pete Loeffler was more talkative than usual Thursday night. Maybe Amy Lee's bubbly vibe rubbed off on the rocker.

Just after a month since their headlining night at The Intersection, Halestorm were back to entertain their fans once again. The crowd didn't seem to mind and kept the energy up from beginning to end. The Queen of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale, continues to impress us with the way she controls the crowd's attention. From aggressive tracks like "Freak Like Me" and "Love Bites (So Do I)," to feel-good tunes like "Here's To Us," Halestorm went from one end of the rock spectrum to the other. Lzzy continued the tradition of having Amy Lee join her while performing the ballad "Break In."

What did you think of the show? Give us your thoughts below.

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