A West Michigan man and a West Michigan running event are both gaining national publicity tonight due to a story aired on ESPN. The sport's channel's popular show E:60 featured Rockford native Johnny Agar and the popular Mitchell's Run on Tuesday night's episode.

Agar, who has cerebal palsy, participated in Mitchell's Run this year along with his father (a Detroit Tigers prospect in the 1980's), who has pushed him across the finish line in many races in recent years. This year's Mitchell's Run was different, though. Agar was determined to cross the finish line of his own accord - to give his dad a little bit of a break. And that's exactly what he did.

Check out a snippet of Tuesday night's episode in the video below, as well as the video below that showing Johnny crossing the finish line. We'll post the full piece from ESPN when it becomes available.

Here's Johnny's amazing finish.