Back on December 2004, one of the saddest days in Metal occured, when Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot was brutally shot to death. After the occurrence, Dime's brother Vinnie Paul ceased to ever communicate with Pantera frontman Phillip Anselmo, as Vinnie possibly specualates that Phillip had something to do with Dime's death.

In a recent interview with Dimebag's longtime girlfriend Rita Haney, she want's Vinnie to FORGIVE PHIL!

In a recent interview with RockMyMonkey TV, Rita had this to say about Vinnie forgiving Phillip!

"Vinnie and I are 50/50 on our whole entity, as far as goes. We had a little bump in the road since I started talking to Philip — a little hot at me — but you know what?! We're family and I just hope some day he sees the light that I know Darrell is about, which is forgiving, and I know it'll come in time, as far as him not holding on to something so bitter. You've gotta let go to continue on. Our issues and our little pettiness — it is petty… That's not the big picture — the big picture [is] all these people that loved Darrell. They're what matters — not who we're mad at. And that shouldn't be somebody else's burden. And I think in time… work on everything together. I have all of his notes, all of his tapes, all of his video tapes. I mean, I lived with him. You can only live with each other so much on the road, And you do have that significant other that you tell everything to. And it takes both of us to make legacy the best that it can be. And that's what I'm about. I have no animosity."

Because of Phil's major drug addictions during Pantera, the band kind of faded away. Vinnie and Dimebag went on to create Damage Plan. Which was Dimebag's last band before his death.

Now, Phil has gone to say how he could never hurt his brother (Dimebag), but Vinnie has chosen to turn away anything that Phil has to say.

Although really no hope for a Pantera re-union (which in my opinion, NO DIME-NO PANTERA), at least seeing these two mend wounds would be pretty cool to see. Cause like the Pantera song screams, "Yesterday don't mean S___!"