Real excited about the band Dead Sara. They are coming to visit us at WGRD today to do a couple of songs on the air.  Your invited to join us too if you can.   Just stop by our studios around Noon and we'll let ya say hi to em.

This L. A. band has attracted a lot  major buzz for the ferocious spectacle of its high-octane live performances. Don't believe me? Just watch the fiery & fierce "Weatherman" video.

No way you can put a label on em either.  According to Dead Sara guitarist  Siouxsie Medley - diversity in music is what keeps this band fueled.  "That diversity is what’s honest and real to us,” Medley says. “We love classic rock, blues, folk, metal, punk, gospel, all of it, so we didn’t want to put restrictions on ourselves genre-wise. We just knew we wanted the music to sound really raw and primal, even a bit unsettling.”

Lyrically, many of Dead Sara’s songs are survival anthems informed by their struggle to stay true to their vision of being a powerful, uncompromising female-fronted rock band.  Stated Dead Sara singer Emily Armstrong: “Weatherman was one of the first lyrics that I sang when we started writing the song – it was something I had to build the lyrics around. It comes down to predicting your own future by what it is you do today. Creating your own weather per se in standing up for what you believe in.”

Watch the vid and like me I guarantee you'll be hooked!