I am very proud of myself for making this idea a reality. First off I can not take credit for this idea, I saw it online somewhere, but it wasn't easy to do!

I recently went on a canoe trip where I brought along with me... jello shot oranges! They looked really cool, they were easy to eat, and they were super strong!

Here is what I did; First you mix the jello as you would normally, and instead of using water, use your favorite liquor; I chose vodka. Then mix it all up. Here is the part where you normally pour it into a pan, well I got crafty. Take an orange or grapefruit and cut it in half. Then gut out the meat of the fruit and either eat it or just throw it away. Now you have a simple peel that looks like a little bowl. Pour in your jello mix into each orange half then put it in the fridge to "jellofy!"

The next day, your jello is done and all you have to do is cut the orange up like you would for orange slices!