In a segment he calls a "complete waste of a GoPro," Conan O'Brien attaches several GoPros to weirdly mundane objects to see how they look.

O'Brien apparently received a bunch of GoPro cameras over the holidays and wanted to put them to good use -- but not really.

As one can see from the video, he attaches the cameras to a variety of unexciting objects around the studio. GoPros are usually used to catch amazing footage of activities from a first-person perspective.

Examples would be GoPros being attached to the edge of a surfboard to see how intense the sport is, attached to helmets of skydivers so that it feels like we're there in the air or even to the helmets of snowboarders as they shred down mountains.

But no, O'Brien wanted to take his GoPro cameras and stick them on things like the slide on La Bomba's trombone. While it looks cool to go back and forth on the slide, it's ultimately boring.

Then we see the GoPro stuck to the bottom of his coffee mug. Let's just say that we're pretty glad that we don't have to witness that kind of view firsthand.

Our favorite use of a GoPro, however, is when they attached it to Andy Richter's sub sandwich.