Yes, you read that right, starting at just $20 a ride, you may soon be able to hire your very own chauffeur.  But I wouldn't expect these chauffeurs to be wearing suites with fancy hats.  More likely, blue jeans and motorcycle helmets.

A new business called Your Chauffeur is hoping to start offering the people of Grand Rapids there services within the next month.  So what does that mean?  They want to drive your drunk ass home for you in your own car.  Essentially, they want to be Your Chauffeur.

I know I've gotten a parking ticket or two from abandoning my car downtown after having a spur of the moment late night (drinks) with friends.  Not to mention the hassle of getting back to your car (or worse, work)!  So this sounds appealing, but how does it work?  Well I've talked to the owner and it's actually fairly simple:

Upon calling Your Chauffeur, a licensed chauffeur will show up at your car or establishment on a little foldable electric scooter or foldable bicycle.  Once at your car, they plop their folded up vehicle in your trunk or backseat, drive you home in your car, and then they jump back on their scooter to find the next person in need of a designated driver.

To help make this a reality you can vote for this idea on Grand Rapids' own Start-up Investment fund Start Garden, here:

The owner says they are hoping to open up regardless, but winning a small investment from Start Garden would help the business get off the ground quicker and with much more reliability.

Your Chauffeur - A New Business Coming Soon to Grand Rapids MI
from Chad Becker on Vimeo.