Cavo took the time to stop in Grand Rapids and hang out with JT and a few listeners in the GRD studio today. The guys talked about their new album, Thick As Thieves, and performed a few acoustic tracks for fans to enjoy.

Cavo released their last album, Bright Nights Dark Days, back in 2009 and a lot has changed since then. Not only did the band mature as songwriters, they left Reprise Records and found themselves at a crossroads after touring for so long.

"When we got off the road, we started from fresh," explains vocalist Casey Walker. "Things kind of turned into an upheaval. We walked away from our label, signed with a new (Eleven Seven). It was a really scary time and that's kind of how the song "Thick As Thieves" came about. We didn't have any label behind us and we were pretty fricken scared."

Thick As Thieves won't hit stores until next February, but Cavo are releasing an EP towards the end of the year to appease fans until then. The EP will contain the studio version of "Thick As Thieves", as well as an acoustic rendition of the song and two bonus tracks.

Watch the interview below in two parts, as well as performances of "Thick As Thieves", "Crash" and "Champagne".