That Time Janna Brought Cat Food For Lunch [VIDEO]
I am in no way a morning person. Opposite. I hate leaving my bed and usually I'm already muttering the F word before my feet hit the floor in the morning.
That is why I am usually running behind and kind of a crazy mess while I'm getting ready and trying to leave my house for work.
And that&…
Couple Gets Engaged Onstage at Wayland Grand Rapids’ Concert [Video]
Two Wayland Warriors are getting hitched!
Robert Christensen popped the question to his girlfriend LaTarra Gryzen onstage at the Wayland concert at The Intersection in Grand Rapids Friday night!
The band paused in the middle their show to order up some shots to toast to being back home in West Michiga…
Six Normal Things I’m Afraid of Because of Horror Movies [Videos]
I'm not big into horror movies. Haunted houses? No thanks. I'm a person who shrieks and gets startled by co-workers who sneak up on me (really they're just walking into a room or stopping to saying hi) about 500 times a day, so I don't need to actively seek out situations in which I'd be terrified.

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