Blink-182 has announced plans to benefit victims of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma.  The band's official Facebook page posted the following...

Hello blink-182 friends and family.

As we watch the news again this morning from Oklahoma our hearts as we are sure yours are as well are just broken for the people effected by this devastating tornado. This is just heart wrenching to see what everyone has been through.

We have been to Oklahoma numerous times on tour including just last year. We see all of the people effected by this horrible tragedy as part of our blink-182 family.

In the next few days we will be rolling out some charity auctions and merchandise to raise money (100% of the funds) for the people that have lost everything. We only bring this up now before we have finished the artwork so that as many people possible are able to keep an eye out for this announcement.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Oklahoma.