Blues-rock duo the Black Keys have settled out of court with Pizza Hut and Home Depot after claiming the U.S. chains used pieces of their music in commercials without permission.

NME reports that the band came to agreements with both parties this month. The Black Keys' lawyers informed a federal judge in Los Angeles, Calif. of the settlement with Pizza Hut this past Monday (November 26), and the same with Home Depot in early November. Terms of either settlement were not disclosed as of this writing.

The Black Keys filed the lawsuit against the pizza giant and home improvement store this past June. The group claimed Pizza Hut used "significant portions" of their hit "Gold On The Ceiling" in a TV commercial, and that Home Depot did the same thing with "Lonely Boy" for their own ad. Both tracks come from the Black Keys' 2011 hit album El Camino.

The initial lawsuit stated that the companies used similar sounding versions of the tunes in a "brazen and improper effort to capitalize on plaintiffs' hard-earned success." Home Depot and Pizza Hut have denied the allegations and demanded that the Black Keys pay their legal fees if they were victorious in the case.

Watch the Pizza Hut commercial in question below. The music sounds way too similar to "Gold On The Ceiling" to be just a coincidence. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Pizza Hut Commercial in Black Keys Lawsuit

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