I'm no stranger to weird nights drinking at various Grand Rapids establishments and I hear a ton of messed up crap! This is one of those tales. It's another edition of From the Bar Stool. I found myself at the bar last weekend talking to a couple guys from South Bend Indiana and they told me about this crazy father and son Ninja story. Let me just say this, it’s not very nice to slice your kid up with a Ninja Sword!

They said it was in the news a few weeks ago, and it was about a 43 year old dad who had been trying to get his 21 year old son to move out of the house for the last few months, but the son refused to leave, just would not do it. He lived in the basement, came and went as he liked, didn't have to pay rent. The son said he liked living there, it was his house, and he didn't have to leave until he wanted to. I guess 43 year old dad bought that for a few months, but apparently this kid was a real pain in the ass.

He had no job, sleeping all day, parting all night, banging a different chick every night, drinking in the basement, having all night parties when his mom and dad were upstairs trying to sleep, that kind of stuff. Well one night dad had just had enough, told the kid he had 2 days to get out, or he was going throw him out, but the kid pretty much just told his dad to F off. So dad, who is already pissed off starts drinking a few beers and few hours go by and now dads getting a nice little mean buzz going.

Then dad and the kid have a few more words and dad absolutely loses it and grabs a ninja sword from under the couch and attacks the kid with it! Sliced up his arm, sliced up his back, and then when the kid was holding his hands out in front of him to defend himself, the dad sliced the kids thumb right off! That was one sharp freaking ninja sword huh?

That’s like something you would see in a movie! Mom ends up calling the cops who show up and arrest the dad. The kid is going to be ok, other than the fact that doctors were not able to reattach his thumb. Dad sobered up and apologized and told the kid he could live there as long as he liked.

Now at least the kid doesn't have to hit the street and find a new place to call home, plus he's got a cool new nickname, Four Finger Bob.! (yea the kids name was Bob) and since he was in the news and on TV down in Indiana, and lost a finger and got a cool nickname, he's getting more ass than he's ever gotten in his life!