I wasn't born yet, but if you or someone you know was lucky enough to see AC/DC in 1976, you might want to check to see if you bought and held on to a program from the show.

In 1976, AC/DC embarked on their Giant Dose of Rock'n'Roll tour of Australia. They sold a tour program at the first 20 shows, before authorities deemed the souvenir "a case for the moral decline in the nation's youth".

Now, a rare copy of the program has sold on eBay for $1500.

Some people got rid of all their baseball cards. My dad is still disappointed that my grandmother threw out his copy of the very first edition of Playboy Magazine while he was away in the Army back in the 1960's. All those home-decorating shows suggest that you "do away with the clutter", but find a closet, attic or storage unit to store your memorabilia. Otherwise, you might be throwing away thousands of dollars.

If you're saving trash and poop and stuff, then you may need professional help with your hoarding, but there is nothing wrong with saving souvenirs. Not only do they help you remember a fun time in your life, but they could also be quite valuable one day and help you turn a hell of a profit.

Until next time, KEEP HOARDING AMERICA!!!

Shaffee, proud hoarder since 1977.