Not hardly.  That comes from a true die hard Miami Dolphins fan.  Now anybody that knows me, understands my love for the Fins.  My office here at the radio station is basically a shrine to everything that is DolFan related including THE best QB in the world Mr. Dan Marino.  So imagine my shock and horror when I strolled into the radio station this morning wearing my lucky Miami Dolphin shirt and was met with smart ass comments like:

* "What the hell happen, you lose a bet?"

*  "Whose a__ did you wipe with that shirt"

* "Somewhere Tom Selleck is crying"

* Nice shirt jerk - no wonder everybody thinks you're ugly"

* "Some days you are the pigeon. Some days you are the statue...hi statue"

The shirt was actually given to me by a friend in radio who actually worked in the Miami market at one point in his career. He thought it a good idea to get rid of it.  His loss was my gain I say!  What do think?  Is this the ugliest shirt you've ever seen?