"300" was one of the most epic movies I have ever seen. Just the amount of action, limbs flying, story line, etc. It was just a really EPIC movie!

What I would do to see that movie on IMAX?! Oh, that's right; that's actually happening.

97.9 WGRD and Celebration! Cinema presents the 300: Double Feature on Thursday March 6 at Celebration Cinema North!

See the original "300" on the IMAX screen and then right after, see the NEW "300: Rise of an Empire" in 3-D BACK TO BACK! 2 epic movies, for one epic night.

Have I overused the word 'epic' yet?

Tickets are available at celebrationcinema.com and Celebration Cinema box office! With IMAX, you can reserve your OWN seat! Why get stuck in front when you can reserve the spot you want?

Cash bar too! Enjoy a ice cold adult beverage at the movies too!

Don't miss it!