Hookers seem magical to most people. Well, to guys anyway. A simple monetary transaction for some fun in the bedroom and/or rest stop bathroom is truly magnificent for some of the lonelier fellas out there. Well, what if the ladies of the night really were magical? One man from Zimbabwe thinks he may have found his Harry Potter in fishnets.

Sunday Moyo is a guy that dabbles in paying for sex... well, not so much dabble as regularly participates. He had a working girl over to his house for some action... problem was during their escapade the woman ups and turns into a donkey. That is the story Moyo told a Zimbabwean court after being charged with puttin' the moves on a sweet ass. He told courts that the woman morphed into the creature sometime during their intimate moment and that now he finds himself in love with the beast.

On a side note, he also thinks he may be a donkey. So, it's one of those feel good stories with happy endings all around. Wait... what?

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