The band Greta Van Fleet, from Frankenmuth Michigan, has rock music fans across the country fired up for the first time in years. This young band has been selling out venues all across America. Greta Van Fleet were even invited recently to perform with music legend Elton John.

Almost anyone who has heard Greta Van Fleet, says they sound a lot like, if not just like Led Zeppelin. Check out Greta Van Fleet and their song Safari Song and make the decision for yourself.

Regardless if Greta Van Fleet singer, John Kiszka, sounds like Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, the songs supersede any comparisons. Meaning, these kids write great music that stands all on its own.

Highway Tune and Safari Song have been getting airplay across American radio stations as if they could be the next Led Zeppelin.

Robert Plant was doing an interview with The Project Exclusive and was asked if there were any up and coming bands that he likes. When you watch the video, scroll up to the 1:52 minute mark to get Plants response:

As a fan of both Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet, it was great to finally hear the amazing Robert Plants response to the amazing vocals of John Kiszka's.

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