When I was a subscriber to Nintendo Power during the mid- '90's, I was pretty into the Nintendo 64.

Each magazine always had a contest where you could mail in a form and hope that you would at least win a T-shirt or something. I never really did win anything though.

One year though to commemorate the release of Majora's Mask, Jackson guitars made something awesome.

You could win a full fledged real life guitar that was designed like the guitar that that Zora played in the game.

This thing was crazy looking! If you want to see what it looks like, click here!

Crazy right? As far as I know, there is only one of these guitars actually made and no one knows who actually won the contest! Chances are that they will never produce one of these again either.

After some quick searching on the internet, it looks like there are only 5 of these bad boys in existence. Each one of them are hand carved and is considered one of the rarest guitars out there.

According to a forum, they could easily be priced at $10,000!

Chances are you'll never find one. It is cool though that this mold of video games and guitar came about.

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