Hi, my name is Johnnie, and I'm a guitar addict. I love guitar music, guitars, guitar-related things, people named after guitars...I have a problem. So when Steve Vai announced a stop here in Grand Rapids on his 25th Anniversary Tour for Passion and Warfare, I knew I'd be there! And I knew it would be a great show!

Steve doesn't just want to get up and navel-gaze while playing, he wants to have a show, which I totally agree with. So there's the video screen, costumes, special guest appearances via video, smoke...it's a freaking rock show, man.

And because it's the 25th anniversary of Passion and Warfare, there are a couple songs I don't think he's ever played on tour before.

His band, as always, is top-notch, with Philip Bynoe on bass, Jeremy Colson on drums, and the underrated guitarist, Dave Weiner, who's been with Steve for about 16 years now.

During the show, some friends of Steve's appear via pre-recorded video, to jam along with Vai, like Joe Satriani, who was Steve's guitar teacher, and one of his best friends. Dream Theater's John Petrucci also appears on video, jamming along during "The Audience is Listening", which is pretty cool.

Check out the videos, and you'll see all the notes being played by a guy who has a ridiculous amount of control over his instrument. There's no one like Vai.

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