Okay, not JUST to be more healthy. It's also pretty fun. But what about the blind thing, or the hairy palms? I have a tincture I can sell you for that.

Seriously, there are apparently a LOT of health benefits to solo flights. It's actually a workout for some muscles down there, it keeps poisons out of your junk, helping keep you from getting cancer...it's even better for your swimmers!

The video starts off by telling you some statistics that prove only that women lie. Only 72% of women have masturbated in their lives? I call BS on that one. Guys aren't great at figuring out the complicated female plumbing, so we KNOW you're finishing yourself off a lot more than you let on.

And I can't believe that 28% of women have no arms or hands to take care of things. Or showerheads.

Don't be ashamed about it! It's like pooping, everyone does it, it's healthy, and fun! Okay, masturbation is more fun than pooping, but that just depends on what you do to spice up your poop sessions.

More on that later.