Before rocking The Stache  Friday night, the guys from You Me at Six stopped by the WGRD studios. They were awesome enough to do a special acoustic performance for GRD listeners and sat down to talk with me about touring, their new album Cavalier Youth, their hit song Room to Breathe, and more!

Hailing from Weybridge, Surrey (which,  the guys informed me, is also where Harry Potter is from) these British rockers are pulling in crowds all over the states, now on their second US headlining tour.

Back in 2013, the guys did a super entertaining documentary called "An American Spring". It was a behind the scenes look at one of their first US tours-- complete with stops at Walmart, scarfing down hot wings, singing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire and more! Oh, and actual concert footage too. I wanted to know how touring and headlining is going this time around:

It's cool, we're sort of  feeling the vibe that we had in England when we were just first starting out... (The crowds) are really excited. They engage. They know the words they have a good time.  It's really exciting."

Their song "Room to Breathe" has propelled You Me at Six to the top of the rock charts in the US, after the band has already achieved much success in their native England. In talking about what they think has made the song successful, they said:

I think Room to Breathe is doing well because it's a big big rock song, big crunchy guitars, massive drums. And then lyrically, it's a song that everyone can relate too. Like everyone goes through time where they are like  'Aw man, I really need some me time. I need people to piss off' basically."

"Room to Breathe" is on their 4th album Cavalier Youth, which the guys explain is kind of about growing up and the changes they have gone through as a band:

We've always been that band that has grown up in the music industry... when we got to the fourth record we're like were going to make our own stamp now. Talking about not being jaded when you get older, and how we're different now that what we were -- that was important to the album."

To learn what their name "You Me at Six" means, hear the guys do Southern accents, talk about Harry Potter, and more--  check out the whole interview here!

And here's that awesome documentary I was talking about:


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