Been jonesing to go to the movies? You can have a theater all to yourself at Celebration Cinema.

For a limited time, Celebration Cinema is renting out their individual auditoriums. You can invite your pals, spread out and enjoy a movie on the big screen in private.

Pricing starts at $300 for up to fifteen people -- and beverages and popcorn are included! For up to $25 it's $500.

You can pick from a list of favorite movies or new releases. Current new releases are Tenet, The War with Grandpa, and Honest Thief.

Select Celebration Cinemas reopened October 9, with COVID-19 health and safety guidelines in place: Celebration requires guests sit two seats away from anyone not in their group; staff and Guests are asked to wear masks; theaters are not accepting cash. Celebration says theaters are cleaned and sanitized after each viewing. They're also continually sanitizing high-touch areas like doors, counters, arm rests and payment areas, and performing deep cleaning overnight.

Celebration details how air is re-circulated in their FAQ section:

We have ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilation) units that bring in outdoor air, pre-cools it and dehumidifies during the summer. This improves air quality and cleanliness while saving energy. We care about air quality all the time.

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