On Wednesday, I received a DM on Instagram from Celebration! Cinema informing me I'd won two tickets to their sneak preview experience to see Dune: Part 1 in the newly-renovated theaters at Celebration! Cinema South. I had been meaning to see Dune for quite some time, and since Dune: Part 2 comes out tomorrow, this was the perfect time.


What I was expecting: a cool movie in comfortable seats.

What I wasn't expecting: a new mindblowing listening experience that utilized 38 speakers and a new 4k projector that created a movie experience that left my sibling and me in awe. So much so, that I don't think I can watch a movie any other way ever again.


Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media
Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media


More Than Just Recliners

Celebration Cinema has introduced heated recliner seats to the Studio Park and North/IMAX theaters. While South is also getting these seats, the movie theater chain owner, Studio C, is adding something new to this location that will make it stand out from the other locations.


C Premium is Studio C's foray into a premium cinema experience and it is genuinely incredible. The theater utilizes 38 Dolby-Atmos surround sound speakers that create an immersive listening experience that lets you hear every little detail in the movie. You can have the music playing in one part of your ear, the wind blowing in another, and the crunch of the sand in another. The best part is that it was never overwhelming.


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Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media
Tommy McNeill, Townsquare Media


How you watch the movie is also new, with a 4k laser projector featuring a high-contrast lens that can show footage in 48 frames per second. This sounds like fancy jargon, but you really could tell a difference. Everything just looked so crisp. The colors are vibrant and the action sequences feel fluid. This video doesn't do the sound or the visuals justice, but it gives an idea of what you can expect.





These changes are part of a 4 million dollar renovation to the entire theater that includes a visual facelift, an expanded kitchen more food options, a full bar, and heated recliners in all 16 auditoriums. You can experience C Premium starting today with the release of Dune 2.


Trust me: You don't want to miss this.


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