On St. Patrick's Day, WGRD and Channel 95.7 teamed up to host the World's Least Organized Tiny St. Patrick's Day parade. No agenda other than getting out of work for a couple hours for the holiday and having a few drinks. It's a Friday, and St. Patrick's Day!

Shout out to the first person to show up for our little parade, Jacklynn (probably spelled wrong, sorry), who came out to parade and drink with us before going to work!

We strolled over to Z's, because we're cheap, and they didn't have a cover charge. They had lots of different green drinks, and we had to kick things off with the green beer, of course.

We know it's simply food coloring in basic beer, but it's just fun to drink, and then look at everyone's tongues as they all turn green! We're not going to talk about the pooping on Saturday, just so you know.

Thanks to everyone who came out and paraded with us on our little spontaneous, and not-very-organized St. Patrick's Day parade! Maybe next year we can make it bigger, but still unorganized.

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