We have all seen that old cartoon gag of someone slipping on a banana peel, or even played Mario Kart and chucked a banana peel at Luigi.

Cartoons come true in California as a woman is suing a 99 cent store for slipping on a banana peel. She apparently suffered a herniated disc and tissue damage (aka a scrape on her knee) and payed $9,000 in medical bills. Anyway her lawyers offered a $44,000 settlement to the 99 cent store but they declined..........they most likely don't have it, why? BECAUSE ITS A 99 CENT STORE!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently the press in California is calling "banana peels," a public nuisance. Really? A damn banana peel?!?!?

Welcome to the world of today! The only way to get rich is sue them! No more working hard for your money!