Imagine the excitement of preparing and getting ready to adopt that puppy you've had your eyes on. C'mon, I know you know that feeling I'm talking about.

That's what a Detroit native felt while looking to get a new dog. Only, she didn't actually get what she thought she was getting.

It's ironic as well because something similar happened to my cousin. She was supposed to be getting a kitten, however, she wounded up getting a puppy because of a miscommunication from someone whose English wasn't very well.

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A woman named Monica out of Detroit said she thought she had gotten a dog from the Papaya Fruit Market in Detroit, but she got a bit of a shock a few weeks later. Monica said that she was told that what she had been given was a German Shepherd puppy.

“It was making a strange noise … it’s already funny looking, so we just thought ... maybe something was wrong with it, we took it to the vet,” WSYM was told by Monica.

The news she got though, wasn't that of what she expected.

The vet immediately noticed what Monica had told the vet when they arrived, saying that this was no German Shepherd. The vet did end up doing blood work but said from the looks and the way it acted, it was most likely a hyena.

Unfortunately, the vet called animal control when they found out what the animal was.

Monica was unable to stay, however, fearing they would kill the animal.

“Sometimes she acts like a cat, like when I’m sleeping … it’s like a regular animal,” Monica admitted. “I feel like my animals are my children.”

Monica worries that the man from the market may have given a ton of other people a hyena, unbeknownst to them.

There are no restrictions or laws against owning a hyena here in the state of Michigan, and no permit or license would be needed if one did own one. However, we also have to take in local restrictions, and country restrictions as well.

Hyenas are actually not legal to own in the city of Detroit either.

“Anything that you would see running loose in the wild, anything that might appear in a zoo or a circus, the rule is those aren’t going to be acceptable in a regular home.


Monica did admit, she in fact, does plan to fight for the hyena.

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