The world just seems to get sillier and sillier every day, and I think you'll really enjoy this amazing and true story!

This woman walks up and accuses her mailman of stalking her, because he drives by her home every day.

This is not a joke.

It sounds from the video like she lives in an apartment complex, and thinks the mailman is stalking her, because he goes into the complex office to deliver mail to them, and then drives around, delivering mail to the apartment mailboxes.

Every day!

That is the most obvious and textbook case of stalking I think I have ever heard!  Why is this man still allowed to walk (or drive) our streets?  Don't you understand the danger we're all in, allowing this man to deliver mail to our homes?  How could it be worse?

What if we get a nasty letter from someone?  He delivered it, it's his fault!

What if we get a bill we can't pay?  He must be responsible!

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