It's an upset! For years, it was the Mystery Spot on US 2 near St. Ignace, but not any more.

Few things encompass the word “Americana” like the offbeat roadside attraction. The country is full of them, and the weirdest ones are the best ones. The travel fans at Thrillist looked at them all and came up with the best each state has to offer.

So what is the weirdest roadside attraction in Michigan?

It's Da Yoopers' Tourist Trap on US 41 just outside of Ishpeming. So at least the Upper Peninsula retains the weirdness title.

In the article, the Tourist Trap is described as...

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap is an ode to both UP life and tacky, slightly funny shit. There's a ton of folk art, including the world's largest working chainsaw, a tableau of beer-drinking deer hanging out in a man-hunting lodge, lots of outhouses, and a gift shop with a large section dedicated to the hilarity of farting. There's nothing quite like it. That's probably a good thing, but good luck not stopping.

Here's a review of the Tourist Trap by Matt's Rad Show.

You guys remember Da Yoopers don't you? They were pretty hot in the early '90s with their songs about Northern life like 'Second Week of Deer Camp',  'Rusty Chevrolet', and this forgotten gem, 'If She Farts On The First Date'

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