Today on Segment 16, the guys talked with Dan, Lauren, and Aaron from WZZM about a new dating site, where you wear a shirt for 3 days and nights straight, and then you all smell each other to see if you're a match. Aside from being gross, they also don't separate the clothes by sex, so you could hook yourself up with a same-sex relationship!

This gave Free Beer the idea of having Joe's wife and random listeners wear shirts (or some other article of clothing) for a few days, and send them in to test Joe's ability to find his wife.

Joe thinks this is a great dating site idea, and tells everyone the first thing he did when he met his wife...guess what it was, and yes, it involved having her smell something of his.

Then the guys talk about the WZZM crew, including Aaron Ofseyer's amazing stone-faced reactions to everything the guys throw at him. "I'm the only one up here...who's a SCIENTIST! This is not okay."

Watch the full-screen bit from TV here.

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