It's with a sad and heavy heart today that I announce the departure of Stoner Andy from the airwaves of WGRD. I first met Mr. Stoner downtown GR at some marijuana protest that HE claimed kept "good weed from good people".

Stoner Andy must of taken a liking to the world of broadcast communications because  shortly after my chance encounter I was contacted by our company CEO about giving his nephew a shot in radio.  That nephew turned out to be none-other-than Stoner Andy.  Who knew!  Am I going to say NO to the boss? Of course not - he's brilliant at plucking obscure talent having them morph into stars!  Unfortunately, I don't posses that same skill, so I tried to find a slot where he would be the least damaging to our listeners on the air.  I scheduled him Sunday overnights.

Now I'm not sure if you've heard Stoner Andy on the air, but he's a confused sort who has problems getting the name of the artist and song titles straight.  He is also easily confused by the concept of time and space.  Turns out Sunday overnight in "high time" is actually Saturday evenings and once he had wandered into the studios and began his onslaught it was too late to turn him (and my CEO) back.

Listen to a couple of audio clips I've posted and watch the video of my first encounter of the best on air talents I've ever had the privilege of working with and then please feel free to leave your condolences as well - I'm sure you're gonna miss him too!