Looks like my Stoner Andy in afternoons on GRD experiment kind of backfired on me.  Public outcry and backlash was overwhelmingly devastating toward my reputation.  Well, what little reputation I had left over that Free Beer & Hot Wings hadn't stripped away over the years anyway.

Some of you will chalk up this horribly gone-wrong maneuver as a very bad April Fools Day joke and that's fine.  I will chalk it up to the fact that right after I gave the gig to Stoner Andy,  he immediately asked for several days off  to celebrate. He then insisted his shift be moved to Saturday nights as that's the only day he can get a ride into the station. Whatever dude.  Such is the life of a guy in charge of a radio station.

So....that means we'll continue our search to find a new afternoon host to replace our beloved Dahmer.  We'll fill the shift with some bad ass guests in the meantime.  Pop Evil has agreed to step in the box and go first and if you thought a radio shift done by a "stoner" was something else, wait till you hear what a radio station will sound like with an entire band taking over.

On Tuesday we hand the shift over to TV - listen to former GRD radio personality and current WZZM 13 celebrity - Stephanie Webb!   More afternoon guest hosts to be announced soon including the band Wayland!

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