Hey, man! So like I totally started one of those Faceyspace pages, dude... and it's like all... social and stuff. I'm finding out about things in people's lives I never knew. For instance, one of Motorhead's interests is Celtic interpretive dance... I, like--had no idea, man. Also, I recently sent my grandma (who's, basement I live in, man) a friend request... and she declined it, which was like.. uh... a bummer, man.

Apparently, you can farm with this Faceyspace somehow... but, like I'm not sure what kind of horticulture you can do, dude. I'm interested in a very specific kind of botanic farming, man... if you catch my drift. So, overall--I think Faceyspace is pretty cool, but I worry that like.. that Zack Markerburg guy might like, totally be keeping tabs on us just like some kind of crazy big brother government secret organization, man. What was your question?

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