A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the West Side Chicken Robot. Now you can follow his (her?) exploits online.

The automated device, which carries rotisserie chickens between the Meijer on Alpine and the Bridge Street Market has since been glorified on many different news feeds, and is a regular sight as you travel down Alpine Avenue on the Grand Rapids West Side.

So it only goes to follow that eventually the little R2D2-esque delivery system would become a social media darling.

Someone as started following the exploits of the goofy little robot on Instagram.

The poor little guy only had only six likes as of this writing, so jump up on the Gram and give the robot some love!

The person who started the account for the robot posted on the Grand Rapids subreddit:

As you all know by now, there's a robot driving through the Westside filled with rotisserie chickens. I created an Instagram account for the purpose of keeping a record of this exciting phenomenon (memes) and would appreciate it if you would submit any sightings and follow for any Chicken Robot news. Thanks!

The post has met mainly with disbelief.

Wtf. I had no idea. And I am not even sure what to think. I like rotisserie chicken, but...

And dismay.

Man, I’m glad I moved…


What's not to love about a little chicken delivery robot?

As I mentioned in my first post, you had better get used to it, because delivery drones, and robots and driverless trucks are the wave of the future. So I'm not sure that second guy is going to move to to avoid them. Good luck with that.


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