Congratulations to Barry Phillips, Hall of Fame Class of 2021! Now if only the Candy Hall of Fame had a sampling area.

The Candy Hall of Fame is an annual event in Tampa FL honoring people who work in the candy industry by the National Confectionery Sales Association, and a West Michigan man made the cut for the class of 2021.

Barry Phillips, a candy purchaser for the Spartan Nash grocery chain, was inducted on the weekend of October 24 in Tampa.

Barry has worked for various companies in the candy world since 2004 when he took over candy purchasing for the K Mart corporation.

Barry, who is known for his easy demeanor and happy attitude has been honored before, picking up the Confectionery Leadership Award from NCA and Candy & Snack TODAY back in 2018.

According to his bio, Barry's also is actively involved here in the West Michigan community:

And while Barry’s success has been recognized he has always felt it was more important to pay it forward, actively mentoring colleagues and local youth. He has been part of apprentice programs throughout his career, mentoring newly hired associates, teaching them the ins and outs of being a category manager.

Barry has also been recognized by the Grand Rapids Urban League for working with and speaking to high school students, giving them guidance, and helping them set career goals. He has also been active in the Boys & Girls Club of Grand Rapids since 2017.

So CONGRATULATIONS to Barry and his candy success! Here's his induction speech from the ceremony. He is SO PUMPED UP!! It is an inspiring speech, especially the story at around 3:20 when he talks about how he hated working for his stepdad's business, but his mom told him to hang in there. I'll let you watch from there, I'll just say this, it gets a little emotional.

I was hoping there was also a part of the Hall of Fame, where certain candies have been inducted, so you could go to the Hall and maybe snap off a Twizzler or two, but that doesn't seem to be the case. A man can dream, can't he?


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