Students involved in extracurricular activities at Plainwell Community Schools could soon be subject to getting drug tested.

WOOD-TV reports that the district is considering the idea and discussed the proposal at a Board of Education meeting on Monday.

The proposed plan would implement random testing of students who participate in sports, club activities, National Honor Society and musicals.

Five substances would be tested for: THC, nicotine, cocaine, opioids, and methamphetamines. About 10% of those students will randomly be selected.

So the question that everyone wants to know... what would happen if a student does test positive? Will they get kicked off the team or lose their spot? Short answer is no. However, they will lose 25% of playing time and staff will have to meet with their parents.

According to the Plainwell superintendent there has been an increase in drug use, especially vaping. He says this isn't to punish students but rather give them a way to say no to peer pressure and "connect parents with resources."

A decision will be made at the next meeting on November 18th.

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