Heads-up parents, there are certain color bathing suits you should not buy for your kids. It's not about fashion, it's about safety!

In Michigan we often talk about the beauty of the Great Lakes, but they also are incredibly dangerous. According to Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, in 2023 there were 85 drownings in the Great Lakes. So far in 2024, there have already been 28.

Lakes, of course, aren't the only bodies of water that can be deadly. Each year in Michigan we see multiple drownings in pools. This is why it is so important you do not buy your child a blue swimsuit. Blue swimsuits are the hardest to see when keeping your eye on your kids around bodies of water. They are harder for lifeguards to see as well.

Last year a mom of two and swim instructor went viral for a video warning parents against blue swimsuits, and it bears repeating this year. Nikki Scarnati demonstrated her point by showing what her daughter looked like in blue swimsuit in a pool.

@scarnati.swim Just dont do it! Why think about which bathing suits for the splash pad? Just buy bright ones!! ☀️☀️ #selfrescue #selfrescueswimming #selfrescueswim #watersafety #drowningpreventionawareness #springhillisd ♬ original sound - Nikki Scarnati

She points out, "Look how difficult it is to see her under the water -- and this is in calm water. This is not with a whole bunch of other kids playing, splashing around and having a good time. Even look in the sunlight, look how difficult it is to see her with that bathing suit on 'cause it's the same color as our environment. So, do not buy a blue bathing suit guys.

Scarnati also appeared on Good Morning America.

CNN reports Alive Solutions, which specializes in water safety, did two different studies in a lake and a swimming pool on which colors are hardest to see. They tested 14 colors over all, and light blue and light green. White did not do well either.

So what color suit should you get your child? Neon colors fared the best. The easiest colors to see in a pool were neon pink and neon orange. For lakes or the ocean, neon orange ranked high as well, but neon pink did not do as well. so it sounds like neon orange is the best option.

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