If you love cats & coffee - this is your new hang out spot! On Thursday, August 17th at 10 a.m. Happy Cat Cafe will officially be open to the public.

The announcement was made on their website and says that people can start reserving on Sunday, August 13th at 12p. The Happy Cat Cafe is a coffee shop lounge where you can enjoy coffee and pastries, read a book, do work all while playing with a kitty or having it cuddled up on you.

The great thing about this is all of these cats are from a local shelter and about 8-10 cats will be freely roaming around the cafe. And let's say you just happen to fall so in love with one of the cats, you can adopt him or her... on the spot! That is essentially the goal of the Happy Cat Cafe: prevent euthanizations and get these cats into loving homes. So it's half a coffee shop and half an adoption center.

Because the focus is on these shelter kitties, you unfortunately can't bring your own cat but you can always bring a friend back home for your current cat ;-) Regardless, this is the perfect place to spend some time and relax if you're an animal lover.

Since the cafe is new, it won't be a full coffee shop just yet. On their blog, they stated that this is "phase 1" so there will be self-serve hot beverages plus bottled drinks and an hour of cat time. The money made from the first phase will translate into "phase 2" which is a fully functioning coffee shop.

In the meantime you can follow the Happy Cat Cafe on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

The Happy Cat Cafe is located at 447 S. Division Ave in Grand Rapids.

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