It's always awesome to have Wayland back home here in Grand Rapids! This time was especially great, because we got to celebrate the release of their new album "Rinse and Repeat" with them!

Check out videos from their show at the Intersection Saturday night!

Before launching into "All We Had" from the new album, Mitch greeted the amped up, hometown crowd,

"Good evening everyone, we're Wayland from Grand Rapids, Michigan, it's good to be back home!"


Everyone screamed, clapped, and sang along when Wayland got to their new single, "Through the Fire" that we've been rocking here on GRD.

The guys wrapped up an awesome night with "Get a Little" and big thank you to their hometown fans:

I want to take a moment to be serious and say a sincere thank you to the city of Grand Rapids for giving us a place to jump off from, for giving us a place to have a home, for giving us a place with all the support- Grand Rapids, Michigan, thank you so much!"

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