Weezer and Pixies came to rock Grand Rapids at Van Andel Arena March 20, 2019. If you missed it, or were there and want to relive it, check out videos from the show!

Weezer has been one of my bucket-list-bands for a looooong time. I have no idea what I was doing back in 2006 the last time they came to GR-- probably going to class or studying for exams or something lame ;)

So I was BEYOND happy to get to see them last week at Van Andel.

The crowd was just as excited as I was, on their feet, singing along to every song. I dug their stage set-up, reminiscent of your parent's basement in the 80s.

My favorite part was when Rivers Cuomo climbed into this boat structure, the "S.S. Weezer", and "paddled" to the back of the arena.

From there, with just an acoustic guitar, he performed "Perfect Situation" and mash-up of The Turtles' "Happy Together" and Green Day's "Longview" -- which I was able to catch on video. Check out that performance along with "Buddy Holly" and "Undone (the Sweater Song) from the show!

It was my first time seeing Pixies too, and I loved it! Here they are rocking "U-Mass" and "Gigantic".

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