Twice a year, gamers from all over the globe come together to raise money for charity under the banner of Games Done Quick.

Games Done Quick is an organization that raises millions of dollars for charities like Prevent Cancer Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and Malala Fund.  And every January, Games Done Quick hosts a week long marathon called Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) where gamers try to beat video games in record time.

These gamers are called speedrunners and they try to beat video games as fast as they can.  They play games from the original Nintendo days all the way up to current games on Playstation 5.

Awesome Games Done Quick is a week long event and we are in the final day, which is usually the highlight of the marathon.  Today there are games that will be played into the wee hours of the night and tensions will be high as they try to break last years donation record of a little over $3 million.

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