There was a time when Noel Gallagher said that he wished Damon Albarn would "get AIDS and die." But that was a long time ago, when the pair's respective bands, Oasis and Blur, were Britpop royalty and their rivalry made headlines. Last night, the two performed onstage together for the first time.

According to 'NME,' the pair was each performing at London's Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust benefit when Albarn, onstage with former bandmate Graham Coxon and the Jam's Paul Weller, called out, 'Noel? Noel?' Then Gallagher joined them for a version of Blur's 'Tender.' You can see the video below.

Even though Gallagher's feud with Albarn remains one of the '90s' most memorable, the duo has softened their blows at each other recently. They even posed for some photos together at last month's Brit Awards. But last night's performance was the first time they ever played together in public.

Gallagher, who organized the event and performed a full solo set later in the evening, played guitar on 'Tender,' a single from Blur's 1999 album '13.' The night before the concert, Gallagher hinted that he might join Albarn onstage, saying that he wouldn't mind performing the song because it's easy to play. Zing!

Watch Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn Perform 'Tender'

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