Blur frontman Damon Albarn has a new solo album called 'Everyday Robots,' his first proper one, coming out next month. So naturally, like so many other artists pushing their material, he's at SXSW this week playing some of his new songs.

But the highlight of his Friday-night set at Fader Fort was the first-ever live performance of the classic Gorillaz track 'Clint Eastwood.' Del the Funky Homosapien and Dan the Automator, who play on the original 2001 song, joined Albarn onstage.

So did Snoop Dogg, who also was in Austin for the annual music festival. And while Snoop's verse seems a bit off -- Albarn called it “a little cayenne” -- it's a thrill to hear one of the '00s most defining songs played out onstage.

While Gorillaz have performed 'Clint Eastwood' live before, and with Snoop Dogg, last night's set was the first time Albarn, Del and Dan the Automator have ever played it together in front of an audience.

In fact, Albarn told the audience that "it is literally the first time" he's ever met Del, not all that shocking when you consider that the first Gorillaz album was assembled long distance by a number of different artists. “It’s actually quite a momentous moment,” he said.

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