Do you ever get freaked out that people are listening to your thoughts or trying to read your mind?

This lady at the store in the check out line stood oddly and awkwardly close to me and was starring at my head the entire time. She barely blinked. She made me super uncomfortable. I even jokingly said “you trying to dance?!” No response...just dead face looking forward. Her choice of sunglasses tells me she enjoys a bargain and nascar. Was she reading my mind?! I tried to put it to test by thinking about farts and huge dildos but she didn’t budge, again nothing but stone face. I thought to myself ‘am I being ‘Punk’ed’?’

Maybe she was blind? I just thought of that for the first time. She never really ever acknowledged my existence even though she was standing close enough to smell the dirt in my fingernails. I could feel her breathe. It was spooky AF.

Awe man, I bet the poor lady was blind. I could have helped her but instead I tried to telepathically send her fart sounds and jokes. I’m a monster. I started this blog thinking she was the freak but it’s me! I’m the freak! Oh no!

Oh well.

Sorry lady.

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