The Recording Industry Association of America has published its 2020 mid-year revenue report and for the first time since 1986 - Vinyl has outsold CDs!

Despite part of the first half of 2020 including a worldwide pandemic, the music industry actually saw a 5.6% bump in revenue overall. Vinyl sales were up ($232.1 million) while CD sales (down a staggering 48%) and digital downloads saw decreases in sales.

Streaming remains on top because it accounts for 85% of the industry's revenue with subscriptions increasing by 24% in the first half of the year.

If you're looking to get into Vinyl locally, there are plenty of Record Stores to choose from here in West Michigan! A quick search online will lead you to a number of stores both with in-store shopping and pickup. Like many businesses, Record Stores have had to limit the number of customers in at one time in order to cater to COVID procedures. There are also handy databases you can search for online like Record Store Day or Discog.

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