When the Grand Rapids Symphony does pop culture music, it's always a good time. When they do video game music, it's freakin' magical!

If you recall, the Grand Rapids Symphony did "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony" a couple years ago, and it was awesome! Then they did "Legend of Zelda: Symphony of Goddesses," which was amazing!

Now, the Grand Rapids Symphony returns with rePlay: Symphony of Heroes on Feb. 7, 2015!

"rePlay: Symphony of Heroes" will be performed on Feb. 7 at 8 p.m.! Video game music that may sound quite familiar to you will be played by the Grand Rapids Symphony, such as Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Halo and plenty more!

This symphony was created by the same gentleman who put together the "Legend of Zelda Symphony," so it is bound to be a spectacular performance!

During the music, you will also be engulfed in dramatic footage from the video games that they perform the music to!

Tickets are on sale now and start at $32! You may buy tickets now here!