Okay, I was, at best, a sleeping history student. I will admit it. I should have paid more attention to all the stuff they taught in class about the past, and all the things, but I was a kid, and wasn't capable of focusing on smart stuff. BUT, if my teachers had used something like this teach history, I would have been totally into it!

I don't know who Bill Wurtz is, but this video history of Japan is AMAZING! I don't even care how accurate the information is, I will sit through this video any time it comes up on my screen!

Some of my favorite bits are the parts like, "Knock Knock! It's Europe, here to sell some shit."

Bill goes through a LOT of history in a short period of time, in a really fun way. Try and keep up, and you just might pass that test later.

Oh yeah, there's going to be a test. Forgot to tell you about that up front.

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