Van Halen are making up for lost time. It's hard to imagine that the David Lee Roth incarnation of the band never performed on a U.S talk show leading up to this year, but after hitting the airwaves by shutting down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles for Jimmy Kimmel Live, they made their daytime TV debut on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The group delivered a spirited performance of the classic chart-topper "Jump" for the Ellen audience, giving Eddie Van Halen a chance to show off some nifty guitar work. Meanwhile, age may have kept David Lee Roth from the "jumps" have provided back in the day, but the vocalist still managed a few leg swings and was his typical live wire self while performing and during the post song interview with DeGeneres.

"This is the most auspicious way of starting the tour," said David Lee Roth. "We've never played American television before so we had the idea that we couldn't possibly pick a better audience than this here." He went on to liken it to James Brown or The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show back in his youth.

As previously reported, Roth injured his nose badly at the beginning of the band's 'Jimmy Kimmel' performance, so it could be that this 'Ellen' gig was filmed prior to that, as there is no bandage on the singer's nose.

Van Halen are promoting a concert collection titled Live: Tokyo Dome in Concert as well as their upcoming tour. Check out the band's upcoming tour dates here. And to get a look at their Jimmy Kimmel Live performance, click the button below.

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